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Rubber Mulch



Tired of constantly replacing the wood mulch in your landscaping or playground? Are you looking for an eco-friendly and innovative alternative to traditional wood mulch for your landscaping and playgrounds? Look no further than our rubber mulch. Not only is it safer for children and animals and more cost-effective than wood mulch, but it's also more durable, environmentally friendly, and low-maintenance. Plus, its clean composition minimizes airborne dust and particles that can cause allergies and respiratory problems. And with six fade-resistant colours to choose from, you can customize your landscaping or playground to your liking. Upgrade your landscaping and playground with PRO Rubber Paving's rubber mulch - a safe, eco-friendly alternative that provides lasting beauty and performance.


● Reduce Annual Mulching Costs by up to 57% over 5 years● Vibrant Colors with a Natural Look● Exceeds US CPSC and IPEMA Guidelines● ASTM F1292-04 Compliant: 6" of Rubber Mulch provides 16' of Vertical Fall Height Protection● Non-Staining: Does not Rub off on Clothes or Pets● Superior Adhesion and Abrasion Resistance with Polyurethane Coating


Looking for a smarter, stronger, and safer alternative to traditional wood mulch? Look no further than Rymar Rubber Mulch! Made from 100% recycled auto and truck tires and ground to pieces sized between 3/8″ to 3/4, our mulch is magnetically cleared of 99.99% of metal debris and coated with polyurethane for lasting colour and beauty.

With rubber mulch, you can save up to 65% over 5 years compared to traditional wood mulch thanks to our long-lasting and low-maintenance rubber mulch. Resistant to splintering, decomposition, erosion, infestation, and fading, Rymar Rubber Mulch lasts up to 10 times longer than wood mulch while retaining its colour and vibrancy.

And it's not just smarter and stronger—it's also safer. With a softer surface than traditional wood mulch, Rymar Rubber Mulch reduces contusion and head-related injuries and is certified for fall heights up to 16 feet. It's also ADA-qualified for wheelchair accessibility and is environmentally friendly. So why settle for traditional wood mulch when you can have Rymar Rubber Mulch?

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